BEM with Sass, Stylus & co

This is one post I had in backup quite some time, I'll share it with you. It's basiclly only showing how BEM can be written with »

OMG I forgot to create the feature branch and commited on master

SO you did the evil thing and commited on master (or any othere wrong branch) instead of the right one. This is what you could do: »

Repository of Vim plugins

Since Vim is my tool of choice to write code I love vim Plugins. So until now I would usually search those with google or directly »

ParisHilton.js and removing stuff from the DOM

As you may have heard there is a JavaScript file named ParisHilton.js on Github. One of the first versions I have seen contained this code: »

Work with dates

In JavaScript you may use the Date object for dates. This is common knowledge. What is a little more difficult is to work with dates. new »

Concat strings in JavaScript

In this article I will try to explain a couple of different methods to concat strings in JavaScript. The first method is possibly the easiest way: »